Friday, March 4, 2011

Hangman's Tree, Placerville, CA

In our first diversion from the kingdom of the giant mouse, we're off to Placerville and the very festive Hangman's Tree historical spot/tavern. From

"Hangman's Tree, California Historical Landmark NO. 141—Hangman's Tree's significance stems from its notorious heritage originating from the 1849 Gold Rush Days. The tree, which grew in a place called Hay Yard, was a sturdy structure used to bring swift justice in the form of death by hanging to those who stole, killed, lied, cheated and generally made the majority population upset. Placerville was originally named Dry Diggins but due to the number of hangings, the name Hangtown was adopted for the justice meted out by "Judge Lynch." Immediate punishment could include whipping, banishment or worst yet, hanging."

Plus, the establishment is purportedly haunted. As of this date, sadly, the tavern is closed and the mannequin dubbed "George" is long since removed, likely as much a victim of supposed good taste as closing of the establishment.

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  1. "...the very festive Hangman's Tree historical spot/tavern." LOL!! Nice blog! I will follow and share with my friends!