Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun Photo Location, Magic Kingdom

I have not much information on this image, but would hazard a guess this might be on Main Street in one of the storefronts. Anyone have more info out there in blog land?


  1. There was a photo-op just like this at DL inside the old camera store on Main St. (that space is now part of the clothing store), but I'm not sure where this was located at WDW.

  2. I have one of my wife and I on a very early Disneyland date from 1989 with she and I dressed in pirate garb which was supplied by Kodak. We would pose for the pic early in the day and pick up the print on the way out of the Park. Kind of like Photo Pass, except you had to go to them, rather than their photogs being out and about.
    The Kodak folks matted in a foreground of a pirate themed cartoon Mickey aboard a small cartoon dinghy named 'Ye Merrie Minnie.' The storefront was I believe what is now Castle Clothiers.
    I've seen the set you've got pictured here in other families pics, but don't recall seeing it first hand. It's possible a Florida location had different sets, or I simply don't remember it being here in Anaheim.
    As I look up on my living room wall, I would absloutely classify our pic as an 'oddity' as opposed to 'ephemera!'
    Nice share Regions. Thanks again.

  3. I remember this on Main Street in the 70's or 80's but don't recall its exact location (perhaps in the Hospitality House near the exit to the Walt Disney Story. There was a similar photo op themed to pirates near the restrooms at the exit to Pirates of the Caribbean.