Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aerial view of the west side, 1964

For maximum detail, be sure and click on the photo for large size.

There is a lot interesting going on in this photo for lovers of Disneyland history. As is obvious, you get a look at the placement of the parking lot (RIP 2001). Pirates show building is underway with steel infrastructure, and it is possible this might have been for the early walk-through conception that was changed and resulted having to rip out and re-do the steel work. Haunted Mansion's front building is complete but with no work done on the ride itself on the other side of the train tracks.

Just visible is the dance circle of the Indian village beyond Haunted Mansion, and the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge with the painted desert beyond.

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  1. Hey Regions,
    It looks to me that what you refer to as the Pirate's show building is in fact the framework for ALL of New Orlean's Square.
    If you follow the construction all the way towards the river you can see just beyond the fence the old 'Silver Banjo' chicken restaurant.
    Thanks for yet another great share!